Get involved with St. Paul's United Methodist Church's Capital Stewardship Campaign


In 2014, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church purchased the house next door and started a huge renovation and restoration to our 100-year-old church building. Since then we have invested just over one million dollars making these improvements.

The St. Paul’s congregation has been tremendously supportive. In only three years we have paid off $700,000 of the original project. Right now, we only need $325,000 to pay off the rest of our loan to the United Methodist Foundation. Keep in mind that a new roof, heavy structural repairs, and rebuilding two parapet walls were all unexpected additions to the original project. We also decided at the end of the project to concrete the entire parking lot.

The original pledge commitments of three years have ended and the four-year commitments will end in the next few months. We would like to ask you to consider making a three-year pledge to help the church pay off our remaining loan. After the loan is paid we will be able to consider updating the inside of the church, expanding the church, purchasing more property, and updating the parsonage.

How can we get there?

One Senerio to Reach Our Goal

# of Persons Giving Amount to be given over a three year period above regular tithes Amount per month (36 months) Total
81     $352,000.00
1 $50,000.00 $1,388.89 $50,000.00
2 $25,000.00 $694.44 $50,000.00
3 $18,000.00 $500.00 $54,000.00
5 $9,600.00 $266.67 $48,000.00
10 $6,000.00 $166.67 $60,000.00
15 $3,000.00 $83.33 $45,000.00
20 $1,800.00 $50.00 $36,000.00
25 $360.00 $10.00 $9,000.00