“To clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world”
— -Karl Barth


Allen Bryant, Cooper Chapman, Cindy Graulich, Jeanice Ice, Rick LaGrange, Barbara Lynch, Chuck May, Sean McIntyre, Tony Montgomery, Joan Moore, Eric Osborn, Jim Roth, Dana Tiller, Judy Davis


Walter Broadhead, Mackensie Brown, Donna Nash


Jan Bender, Justin Frederick, Austin Schmidt


Pray for the families of Roger Thronberg, Rachel Short, and Jo Hamman. Also for David Smith and family in the passing of his father, Harold.


Dora Marie Newman, Carolyn Garris


We have many requests not posted here out of respect for privacy.  Please lift these up in prayer also.

Health Concerns

Sara Burch, Chere Garrett, Randy Geddes, Bill Harvey, Velma Hein, Maxine Hempfling, Ron & Shirley Huntsman, Jane Johnson, Don Kellams, Rich Mason, Patty Melton, Jackie Merce, Lea Mohr, Gordon Rumble, Helen Schwarzkopf, Jon & Tom Sellers, Jessica Whoberry, Jen Williams